Happy New Year and Online Course Status Update

Happy New Year!

For us, 2018 has been filled with lots of software (and firmware) development projects for our clients, as well as delivering some new live training for our industry clients.

We expect 2019 to be even busier.

Status of Online Course Development

In addition to our ongoing software development and live training activities, we are currently in the process of creating online courses for software developers and aspiring software developers. Multiple courses are currently in various stages of the course development pipeline. They are professional-level courses, based on courses we are (and have been) developing and teaching live to industry clients and college students over the past couple of decades. We are redesigning each course to be specifically tuned for the online learning environment – they are not just recordings of our live training courses. The courses will include video lectures, demonstrations, and detailed code walkthroughs, as well as reading material/resources, hands-on projects, FAQs, and quizzes.

Just as we have done for our live training courses, we want to make sure that all of our online courses are high-quality, accurate, up-to-date, complete, and filled with tips, techniques, and professional advice. All will be taught directly by me.

We’re not fans of vaporware. So, we are not announcing any specific course titles or availability dates at this time, because our involvement in client software development projects and live training sessions (both of which sometimes include travel time) can significantly affect the amount of time available to devote to online course development. That said, we currently expect to make our first online course offerings available within the 2019 calendar year, assuming our other projects, schedules, and deadlines for our industry clients remain at current levels. The software development projects and live training pay for keeping the video lights on, the camera rolling, and the editing suite humming. And the additional experience and feedback we gain through those efforts in turn funnel into improving the quality of our online courses.

In the meantime…

Anyone interested in joining our mailing list will be notified as each new course becomes available, including any introductory pricing or other perks. And if you have specific questions, please feel free to ask through our contact form.

In the meantime, please enjoy our free resources and our updated recommended reading list.

We hope you have a happy, healthy, and productive 2019, and look forward to working with you.