Welcome to the Bytellect blog!

Welcome to the first post in the official blog of Bytellect LLC.

This blog will be…

  • Geared toward both aspiring and working programmers, software developers, software engineers, software testers, computer engineers, embedded systems developers, managers, and others interested in the computing craft. Everyone is welcome – from students to hobbyists to experienced software professionals to C-suite execs in three-piece suits and/or one-piece hoodies.
  • Focused primarily on the world of software, but we won’t shy away from firmware and hardware topics. We’ll also discuss vintage computing, computing history, and management topics.
  • Filled with accurate information and solid professional advice, based on many years of real-world experience in software engineering, management, embedded systems, and training/mentoring new and experienced programmers.
  • Designed to inform you, challenge you, engage with you, improve your knowledge, skills, and productivity — even occasionally entertain you.

And we suspect this blog will evolve, with your participation and feedback.

What’s in a name…Bytellect?

The company name Bytellect is a portmanteau of the words Byte and Intellect.  It symbolizes the practical knowledge, reasoning, and understanding we bring to the world of computing — both in our training offerings and in our consulting projects and advice. It’s also a bit of an homage to our former organization’s name, Digital Intelligence — digital has become byteintelligence has become intellect. Bytellect certainly has fewer syllables than Digital Intelligence.

Of course, as soon as the ink was dry on the paperwork committing to this new company name, we discovered that some people couldn’t quite figure out how to pronounce it. It had been obvious to us, but clearly not to everyone. So, here is the official pronunciation of Bytellect:

The Bytellect LLC entity was officially established in 2017, but it’s a redesign and reboot of our previous consulting and training business, Digital Intelligence, which launched in 1996. Under the new Bytellect moniker, we still offer custom software development, creation and delivery of professional onsite technical training, technical writing, and practical advice. In this new incarnation, we’re in the process of adding professional online training to the mix. Stay tuned for announcements and discussions surrounding our online course offerings.

What’s in a name…Truth in Software?

Why name this blog Truth in Software?

  1. There is a truth, a simplicity, a beauty in well-crafted, well-tested, extensible, scalable, readable, maintainable software. Excellent software reflects the passion of its creators. It’s clear and unambiguous.
  2. The posts in this blog will share the truth about what works and what doesn’t in the real world.
  3. Frankly, we’ve been consistently and increasingly amazed (and frequently appalled) at the volume of misleading misinformation that is distributed by instructors, books, web sites, videos, and podcasts. Sometimes it seems like almost anyone who has ever read one article or taken one crash course suddenly declares they’re an expert and they’re ready to guide others. Sure, there are some great, credible sources of information, but we see and hear misleading, false, and clearly fabricated information every day, related to the world of software development. (You’ll likely see some blog posts, along the way, about some of the amazing non-facts we’ve encountered.) We want to provide you with a consistently reliable source of correct information, based on solid real-world experience and/or thorough research.

You might notice some alliteration in our blog’s tag line, “Common Code, Coding Conundrums, Creative Cures, Computing Craft.”  This subtly reflects our specialization in C, C++, and C# in our consulting projects, but we won’t limit ourselves to just these programming languages. We’re going to address a wide range.

What’s in a name…Ken Gregg?

Ken Gregg is founder and CEO of Bytellect LLC. He has over 30 years of experience in the world of software development, as well as development and delivery of professional technical training to aspiring software engineers and to working engineering professionals. His employers and clients have included: Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Raytheon Missile Systems, the World Bank Group, Artisoft, Wang Laboratories, InteCom, Pima College, and many others. You can find more details about Ken Gregg here.

Again, welcome to the blog!