Is OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) dying?

No, OOP is not dying.

Is OOP the latest craze? No.

Is OOP the “silver bullet” that people said it would be? No.

Is there room for more than one paradigm in the world? History tells us there is.

Will the popularity of OOP return some day in the future? History tells us it will.

In short, reports of the death of OOP (or any programming paradigm) are greatly exaggerated.

Programming and design paradigms gain popularity, some become trendy, and some – at least for a time – become the new “silver bullet” that supposedly trumps all other paradigms. The reality is that all have their good points, all have their weaknesses, none is the promised “silver bullet,” and the sudden popularity of one doesn’t annihilate all those that came before.

Programming paradigms (and programming languages, for that matter) are not part of a zero-sum game. Something new in town doesn’t automatically make everything else in town worthless.
There is no reason to believe that OOP is dying. It just doesn’t happen to be the flavor of the month…not this month anyway.